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Our License: C11MD1586
Infant/ Toddler Teachers
Maria Monsivais
“I have been working at Countryside since August 27, 1985 with the Infants.  I have 22 years of experience and feel very happy and proud to see my babies each day.  I love to see how they grow and develop.  I enjoy observing their daily accomplishments and love to interact with each child individually.  There are so many wonderful things that I have seen in all the children that I have cared for within my 22 years at Countryside.  If I would write a book about my experiences with children it would contain many pages and it would be titled; “I Love All Children with All My Heart!”
Barbara Prol
“I have been working at Countryside with the Infants and Toddlers since 1984.  I love working with young children!  I feel it is my calling.  I believe that this age group, more than any other age group, require special patience and understanding due to their lack of verbal communication.  Within my 24 years of experience at Countryside and personal experience at home, with three children of my own; I have been given the gift of understanding and patience.  My daily goal is to provide each child with a warm, secure and happy environment for them full of love and attention.”
Yurianne Lavin
Young Twos Teachers
Diana Chavez
“I am a mother of four children; two boys and two girls.  I am a grandmother of two granddaughters and seven grandsons.  I have been working at Countryside for 13 years.  I am a teacher for the young two year olds.  I love working with children.  I come from a big family with many young children and I believe that a head start in education is important.  I also enjoy meeting and participating with my parents.”
Danielle Rogers
“I am in my second year of college.  I go to school full time and am studying to be an Elementary teacher.  At Countryside I am a teacher’s assistant in the younger two’s classroom.  I have been at Countryside for a little over two years, since my first year I worked with the younger twos.  I have always loved kids and have grown up with many young cousins.  I love the satisfaction of teaching.  Each child has their own personality and I love getting to know each child.  Giving them a great start on their education is very important to me.”
Old Twos Teachers
Barbara Seals
“I have been working at Countryside for over 20 years.  I have always worked with the toddlers but am currently working with the older two year olds.  I love working with children because they are loveable, sweet and innocent.  I have a grandson who has attended Countryside since he was 3 months.”
Milagro “Millie” Santiago
“My name is Milagro but everyone calls me Millie.  I have been working at Countryside for 19 years.  I have always worked with the toddlers but currently work with the older two year olds.  I love to work with children because they are fragile and innocent.  I feel as if I was born for this kind of work.  I have a granddaughter name Gaby that recently graduated from Countryside.” 
Preschool Teachers
Annyce Gonzalez
“I am the teacher for the Preschool students that attend Countryside.  I was born in Chicago, Illinois, my mom is Sharon Lee.  I have been happily married, for 5 years, to Wilfredo Gonzalez III.  We have 3 beautiful kids, Brianna (9), Amaya (7), and Anthony (3).  Working with children is fun and exciting and it keeps me on my toes.”
VPK Teachers
Rina Chicas
“I am 26 years old and was born in El Salvador but raised in Miami.  I have been working at Countryside since 2003.  I’m the mother of a beautiful little toddler named Natalie who attends Countryside.  I started as a Teacher’s Aide but quickly became one of the Preschool teachers.  I am currently teaching one of the VPK classes.  I like to teach students something new everyday, hopefully making a difference in their lives.  I love what I do and I look forward to interacting with my students and helping them with new challenges.” 
Natasha “Tasha” Baker
“I have been a teacher at Countryside since 1999.  I am the mother of Janastasia DeJesus; she is 9 years old and Trevorious Ransfer, 1.  I teach the VPK class.  In VPK we work with 4 year old children. My ambition is to create a safe, comfortable and creative environment where children can learn and mature.  In order to do this we assure a well managed class, arrange play (indoor and outdoor), read to the children and focus on their many developing skills.  We also incorporate music which is important to teach children personable skills such as sharing, patience and understanding.”
Countryside Cook

Ameris "Nette" Ruiz

Marilyn Lopez
Elizabet Ramirez
About the Directors

Countryside is a family owned business managed by two sisters.  Both sisters, Elisabet Ramirez and Marilyn Ramirez-Lopez, have degrees in education.  They have been managing Countryside since 2007. 

Elisabet Ramirez has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Science in Reading.  Elisabet is certified in Elementary Education and is English Speakers of Language (ESOL) endorsed.   Before taking on the venture of running her own facility, Elisabet taught for five years in Miami Dade Public Schools.  Her five years of teaching were at Broadmoor Elementary.  Aside from being the Director of Countryside, Elisabet leads the VPK classes.

Marilyn Ramirez-Lopez has a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Student Education and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business Administration.  Marilyn is ESOL endorsed, Exceptional Student Education (ESE) certified, and certified in General Education.  Marilyn worked as a substitute teacher for two years in various Miami Dade Public Schools. Prior to embracing an endeavor of her own, Marilyn managed a family owned transportation company for seven years.  She manages Countryside alongside her sister and supervises all facility licensing and staff credential requirements.

The Creative Center for Childhood Research and Training, Inc.

Sense of TRUST and a BOND with others Social smile
Beginning of sound making and conversational turn taking
Stranger anxiety
Object permanence
Reproduces actions for pleasure
Explores the environment with increased body control


Should be safe, stimulating, respectful, consistent, and responsive
Should have caregivers with knowledge of child development
Should provide a variety of accessible play materials that the
child can interact with
Should use routines to offer individual attention and learning experiences
Should provide opportunities for on the floor time with play materials,
other children, and caring adults
Should provide each infant with an individual schedule


Striving for power/autonomy
Emergence of language
Continued development of both gross and fine motor skills
Emergence of make-believe play
Beginnings of soda! play with others
Beginning of potty training
Love of ritual and routine


Should offer a variety of play materials and choices
Should recognize that tantrums are a normal part of development
Should ignore tantrums and encourage the development of language
Should differentiate between tantrums over power and control and the
need for comfort
Should provide adults who interact with the children, modeling and
encoding actions with language
Should offer experiences with music, songs, stories, fingerplays, and other
activities that enhance language development
Should provide adults and materials that support the development of
dramatic play
Should provide space and play materials inside and outside that support
exploration, discovery, and autonomy
Should provide adults who pay close attention to individual differences
and support success without shame for mistakes or potty training accidents
Should provide a predictable schedule, explain changes to the children,
and give them time to react
Should provide adults who exhibit consistent reactions


Continuous control over gross and fine motor movements
Increased language development
Use of language to solve problems
Use of language to maintain play with other children
and adults
Emergence of cooperative social interactions with
other children
The ability to use a variety of play materials
Progression from the sensorimotor or process play of the toddler to the ability
to represent the world realistically in blocks, at the easel, and with a variety
of other construction play materials


Should provide opportunities for both inside and outside play
Should provide opportunities for the children to interact with adults
and other children in a language rich environment
Should provide experiences with music, puppets, stories, and dramatic play to enhance language development
Should provide adults who model and support children's development of language to solve problems
Should provide a variety of play materials that support the three kinds of play (sensorimotor, dramatic, and construction)
Should provide daily opportunities for children to play with a variety of play materials
Should provide adults who have knowledge of child development and who use that knowledge to support the children's development through play


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