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Countryside Message

Welcome to Countryside! We are proud that you have chosen our school as care providers for your most valued possession. Our mission is to lead, serve and guide the children of our community and surrounding communities. We share such a small amount of your child’s life within a crucial age. Our goal is to impact the lives of each student in an encouraging, enjoyable and educational way.

Here at Countryside we work diligently to provide a quality educational facility for the children that attend our school. In implementing a holistic, child centered program that nurtures every child, we have the best tools in achieving our educational goals. The early years of a child are the most influential years for language development. Together with the assistance of our teachers, staff members, parents and community authorities we will supply valuable educational skills that are essential for our children’s future.

Safety and Security

Emergency Preparedness

Countryside has a strict commitment in providing a secure and safe educational facility. Currently in place is our Emergency Preparedness Program that all teachers and staff members, together with their students, practice on a monthly basis. Our Emergency Preparedness Program includes procedures in handling inclement weather, fire emergencies, and code red circumstances.
All emergency routes are posted in each classroom alongside written procedures on managing any type of emergency. Monthly school drills are conducted to ensure that all classrooms react within appropriate time and correctly throughout the drill.


All persons that are not an identified family member or parent must have a valid photo identification card to be inside the school premises. All maintenance, inspector, or other public workers must have a clipped photo identification card on their attire, stating their name and the company they work for. Any person picking up any child at our facility must have a photo-identification and their name written on the Enrollment Form. Any person with a photo-identification available but whose name does not appear on the authorization section of the enrollment form will have to go through proper clearance before picking up any child. Please read our parent handbook for more information.

Physical Environment

A bi-monthly inspection is conducted to include, but not limited to, of the heating and air conditioner vents, air vents, filters, exhaust fans, ceiling fans and dryer vents, if applicable, to ensure areas are clean and free from dust or lint build-up and properly working and inspection of the outdoor playground equipment, such as connectors, moving parts and fall zones. All classroom equipment is inspected to insure that it is in good working condition.

Our facility is cleaned every late afternoon to maintain, as much as possible, a bacteria free environment on our premises. Infant and Toddler toys are bleached after use and all other classroom toys and nap mats are bleached once a week

Instructional Strategies

Instructional strategies determine the approach a teacher may take to achieve learning objectives.

Instructional methods are used by teachers to create learning environments and to specify the nature of the activity in which the teacher and learner will be involved during the lesson.

At Countryside, the teachers are adaptable and flexible in providing variety in their instructional activities. The teachers aim to match their manipulation of the teaching and learning environment to the needs of the learner. The teachers know what type of activities are most effective at delivering and believe are effective to accommodate the learning needs of each child.

One of the many strategies provided is the teachers scaffolding lessons to adjust the assistance that is provided to fit the child’s current level of performance. During this support, more assistance is offered when a task is new; less is provided as the child’s competence increases. This fosters the child’s autonomy and independent mastery.